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Integrated ytterbium-Raman fiber amplifier

An integrated ytterbium-Raman fiber amplifier architecture is proposed for power scaling of a Raman fiber laser. It is an ytterbium (Yb) fiber amplifier seeded with a double or multiple wavelength laser and followed by a passive Raman fiber.  A proof of principle experiment demonstrates a 300 W all-fiber linearly polarized single mode amplifier at 1120 nm with an optical efficiency of 70%, limited only by available pump power.

Lei Zhang, Huawei Jiang, Shuzhen Cui, and Yan Feng, “Integrated ytterbium-Raman fiber amplifier,” Opt. Lett. 39, 1933-1936 (2014) .

update: The work is reported  in the may issue of Laser Focus World.

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