The Group

We are a small research group at Shanghai Institute of Optics and fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Current group memebers:

Yan Feng, Professor
Shuzhen Cui, Research Assistant
Jiaqi Zhou, Research Associate
Weiwei Pan, Master student, 2014; Ph.D. student, 2017
Jinyan Dong, Ph.D. student, 2015
Xin Cheng, Master student, 2017; Ph.D. student, 2019
Xin Zeng, Ph.D. student, 2018
Weiao Qi, Master student, 2018
Sha Li, Master student, 2019

Former members:

Xuezong Yang, Master student, 2013-2016; Ph.D. student, 2016-2019
Jiapin Qian, Master student, 2016-2019
Lei Zhang, Ph.D. student, 2009-2014, Research Assistant and Associate, 2014-2019
Huawei Jiang, Ph.D. student, 2012-2017, Research Assistant, 2017-2019
Tingwei Fan, Ph.D. student, 2013-2018, now at SIOM
Qing Zhao, Master student, 2015-2018, jointly supervised
Xiuyan Chen, postdoctoral research associate, 2014 ~2016, now at Shenyang Normal University
Jinmeng Hu, Ph.D. Student, 2010~2015, now at China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation
Lingxia Chen, Master student, 2011~2014
Jianhua Wang, Ph.D. Student, 2011~2013, jointly supervised

September 2019
July 2017
July 2014