Magic of nonlinear optics

We have improved and maturized the Raman fiber amplifier based guide star lasers. The laser can now operate at CW (50 W), 100 W microsecond quasi-CW (80 W peak power) , and pulsed at Larmor frequency (200-350 kHz, 17 W). Laser prototypes were tested at astronomical telescopes for sodium guide star, and also for mesospheric magnetometry.

colorful lasers

By wavelength tuning of RE fiber lasers and cascaded Raman scattering, we are able to generate lasers from 1 to 2 micron with > 100 W output. Further with SHG, lasers with wavelength short to 250 nm can be obtained. We can customly design specialty lasers for you.

Raman fiber lasers

This book serves as a comprehensive, up-to-date reference about this cutting-edge laser technology and its many new and interesting developments. Various aspects and trends of Raman fiber lasers are described in detail by experts in their fields. …


  • Period multiplication in mode-locked figure-of-9 fiber lasers
    Period multiplication is a bifurcation phenomenon, which depicts a typical roadmap from periodic steady-state to chaos. Nonlinear system, whose output is periodic, may go through period bifurcation before its output becomes chaos. Examples could be as simple as droplets’ patterns of a water tap or as complex as discrete-time neural networks. There has been particular interest in studying period multiplication properties in mode-locked […]
  • Diamond guide star laser
    The physical properties of CVD diamond make it excellent medium for high average power Raman laser generation. We have been thinking of using diamond to generate sodium guide star lasers. In the past few years, we have been cooperating with Prof. Mildren’ group at Macquarie Universty on fiber laser pumped diamond Raman lasers. A particular interest is to develop a new diamond Raman […]
  • High power 780 nm laser for quantum science and technology
    Diffraction-limited single frequency 780 nm lasers are required to cool and manipulate rubidium atoms for various quantum applications. For advanced quantum technology applications like large scale atom interferometers, high power (several tens watts and more) 780 nm laser is required. Several effords had been reported to produce over ten watts 780 nm laser by frequency doubling of a 1560 nm Er fiber amplifier. […]
  • In the past five years…
    It is already five years that I blogged nothing here. Just give a short outlines here to show the main research achievements. We have improved and maturized the Raman fiber amplifier based guide star lasers. The laser can now operate at CW, 100 microsecond quasi-CW, and pulsed at Larmor frequency. Laser prototypes were tested at telescopes for sodium guide star, and also for […]
  • Raman fiber laser goes to kilowatt level
    Using the integrated Ytterbium-Raman fiber amplifier architecture, we are now able to generate over kilowatt Raman fiber laser. A kilowatt-level Raman fiber laser is demonstrated with an integrated Ytterbium-Raman fiber amplifier architecture. A high power Ytterbium-doped fiber master oscillator power amplifier at 1080 nm is seeded with a 1120 nm fiber laser at the same time. By this way, a kilowatt-level Raman pump […]